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Increase Your Revenue With Google Adsense

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Google adsense is a marketing program run by Google. Marketing is essential for every business and without advertising or marketing no business can ever survive. Google adsense is meant for users who want to earn money with this program. The basic idea behind Google adsense is to pay users for enrolling in the adsense program. Any user can register for Google adsense program. Once registered, Google will provide you with different layouts and other settings for the ads. Various types of categories for ads are adsense for content, adsense for search and adsense for mobile.

Adsense for content includes text ads and image ads in various formats. Adsense for search allows a user to place Google search option on his/her website providing the user with an option to make a query without directly navigating to the Google search page. Adsense for mobile includes textual ads for mobile websites. According to the need, a user can use the required service and select the proper layout for the website. Once all the settings are done, a java code is given that can be pasted on the website at desired location.

You can place multiple ads on a single page with up to 3 ads per page. Whenever a user clicks on the ad present on the website, the owner of the website is paid for the same. Google keeps a track of these clicks and cheating the Google server may lead to permanent cancelation of your account at Google adsense and in the future Google will never allow you to signup again. So, be sure not to click Google ads by yourself or by other means that are considered to be invalid and fraudulent.

Google adsense has been adopted by many websites and has become a new way of earning money. This has proved to be beneficial both for the publishers and for the advertisers. Publishers earn money for each and every ad that is clicked by a user and advertisers have found a new way of attracting users to their website.

The minimum payout in a Google adsense program is $100 and there are several users who take 1 to 2 years to generate $100. But, Google has a policy for any amount more than $ 10 when any adsense account is closed. According to a report given by Google, there were around $ 370 million pending with Google for users who have earned less than $100.

The best way to maximize your adsense revenue through Google adsense program is to place main keywords randomly in the article and maintain a keyword density of 3 to 4 percent. You should also place the similar keywords along with the main keyword. Such content has a better chance of being selected. Also, Google uses page rank feature to assign rank to a website depending on the quality of content used on the website. Remember, not to use others content on your website because Google penalizes such users who copy others work and claim it to be their own. For such practices, Google may also disable your account if any visitor or the content owner files a complaint against you.

Therefore, if you want to earn more and more with a Google adsense program be sure to follow all the guidelines and policies framed by Google and make sure that you write keyword oriented and original content only.


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