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Lose Weight Fast with the Red Tea Diet

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The red tea diet is a low-calorie diet that may help you lose up to seven pounds within five days. This diet requires that you to drink four cups of red tea daily, at breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, and eat only certain foods rich in carbohydrates and vegetables.
The foods required for this diet include fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, pasta, whole grain, and rice. The prohibited foods include sugar, fats, diary foods, bananas, grapes, and meat.
Breakfast should include a can of red tea with orange juice or orange slices, a slice of whole bread, or two musli bars.
For lunch, eat cold fish salad, rice with vegetables, or rice salad. You may also eat a fruit, and drink a mug of red tea. The snack should only include a cup of red tea.
Dinner consists of salad, fish with vegetables, pasta with vegetables, rice soup, or bean with vegetables. A fruit and a cup of red tea are good after dinner.
This diet is very low in proteins and if it is followed for more than five days, may lead to a severe decrease of the amount of proteins in the body. The red tea also interfere with iron absorption so the body`s capacity to absorb iron is limited.
The red tea diet should not be followed by pregnant women, children, people who are under medical treatment, or suffer from ulcer, insomnia, or anemia. The red tea diet is also not indicated for people with hearth problems.
This diet cleans the body from toxins. Always seek medical advice before starting a diet.

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