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Feng Shui for Weight Loss

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Did you know that human beings are the fattest animals on the planet? Most of us gain the extra pounds due to bad eating habits and inactivity. It is very important that we determine the source of our bad eating habit before we embark on a weight loss program. Some of us are emotional eaters where we eat to make ourselves feel better. Then there are some of us who gain excess weight due to inactivity. Here are some great feng shui tips that can help you loose weight.

Stress is one of the most common causes of excessive weight gain. When the body is stressed, it stores a big portion of the food consumed. Much of the food consumed will be store as fat in a belly and buttocks. A stress-free body digests food better, converting most of the food into energy rather that fat.

To counter stress, make sure that the flow of chi in your house is healthy. The main door should be airy and spacious. There should be no large pieces of furniture blocking the main door. Walkways and corridors should be uncluttered, and the windows of the house must be kept clean. Every morning let in sunlight into the home to renew the chi of the home.

A home with a good flow of chi is beneficial in ‘washing’ away your stress after a long day’s work. If your house is cluttered and dark, the stressful energy that you shed when you come home will accumulate and in time cause even more stress. A good flow of energy will help you renew and rejuvenate.

The next feng shui remedy is to combat inactivity. The living room, dining room, office, or study should be painted in light and vibrant colors. Such bright colors stimulate the energy of the room and emit vitality. It will help you to become more alert, and physically active which will in turn contribute to your weight loss. Having grayish and dark colors in these rooms will make you lazy and sluggish.

In feng shui, the kitchen is the most important part of the house when it comes to your health. The kitchen should be painted with bright colors, preferable in shades of red to symbolize fire. The fridge should be cleared of all junk. Keeping foods that have gone bad or expired is extremely bad feng shui. Many feng shui practitioners believe that the kitchen represents the digestive system of your body, so you have to keep it junk-free for good health.

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