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1: Acne: True Causes--True Solutions
Although calling it a disease would be a stretch, acne is one of the most expensive afflictions affecting mankind today. Estimated to torment more than 80% of teenagers and young adults, the US market for anti-acne prescription medicine is over (US)$1.6 billion dollars annually.

2: Diabetes Nutrition Secrets
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your food selections become even more important, since diabetes nutrition can have an even greater impact on your health...

3: Hair Loss Treatments and Remedies
Hair loss is linked to a variety of factors, such as genetics, diet, hair care and disease. Most will agree that one of the best ways of hair loss treatment, is "prevention". We can't control our gene..

4: Use Self-hypnosis To Be Free Of Allergies
I was speaking to friend recently who told me that as we were experiencing the hottest month of April on record and Summer was drawing ever closer, she could feel her hay fever coming earlier than usual this year ...

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