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Quantum Of Solace - A Personal Review

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There was a buzz of anticipation about the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, but my own personal opinion is that it was a bit of a disappointment. I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to James Bond and this new film just didn't feel like a typical Bond movie.

It's not helped I don't think by Daniel Craig. He's obviously a very talented actor because I remember him being outstanding in Our Friends In The North, but he just doesn't seem to fit the overall persona of James Bond. I know they have tried to modernise Bond for a younger audience but they've taken away some of Bond's defining traits.

For example the writers decided to do away with the much-quoted catchphrases he uses in every film, and as well as that they've also taken away a lot of the cool gadgets that are a staple of every Bond film. So traditionalists, like myself, will not be too happy about these obvious omissions.

So what about the rest of the film?

Well there's obviously a lot of high-action stunts, car chases, etc, as you would expect from any Bond film, but the plot is fairly weak in my opinion. Part of the problem is that it continues on from where the last film, Casino Royale, left off, which means that anyone wanting to see this film should ideally have watched Casino Royale beforehand. Plus even if you have watched the last instalment it's still quite hard to remember intricate details of the overall plot, which makes it hard to follow at times.

As well as a fairly weak plot, the villain of the movie doesn't really feel very threatening either. In fact I found myself losing interest while watching Quantum of Solace. Maybe I'm just getting old and want more out of a film nowadays than just a lot of high-action stunts and exciting car chases, but the movie just didn't do it for me.

I had heard beforehand that they tried to update Bond a little bit and revert to a closer depiction of the Bond that Ian Fleming had wrote about, but for me it seemed too far removed from the previous Bond movies, and to some extent felt like a completely new franchise.

So overall my own view is that it was quite a big disappointment, but don't let me put you off watching it. I'm sure younger viewers will probably love the film, and despite a lot of negative reviews, I've also seen some glowing reviews as well, so opinion is clearly divided on Quantum of Solace.

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