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A Look at Great Films of 2008 and Batman The Dark Knight is Film of the Year

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2008 has been an awesome year for blockbuster films. A variety of great movies have been released that are just waiting to be added to your DVD and BluRay collection. Batman's new movie The Dark Knight has been named as the best film of the year by fans, but let's take a look at the contenders that narrowly missed out.

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
A great remake of a great film, saw Indiana Jones meet his long lost son and go on an adventure like no other, the film was thoroughly entertaining with non stop action sequences, car races and fights.

Another awesome movie that was Blair witch style, in which it followed a group of people around, as New York experienced a huge monster attack. The film was inspiring but it does hurt your vision after a while simply because its in a third person format.

James Bond, Quantum of Solace
When Daniel Craig first took the role people were casting doubts as to whether the film could be as successful as it used to be. But the actor has brought bond to a whole new level and this film is full of action and adrenaline, one not to be missed a great film for a great franchise.

Iron Man
I am still in two minds about this film, we have so many superhero films coming out as of late that it's hard to judge, but Iron Man looked potentially great, it ended quite weirdly but I will be tuning in to the sequel.

The Incredible Hulk
Another remake of the orginal, The Hulk was noted down as a bit of a flop, (to be honest I quite enjoyed the first one, maybe a bit too much CGI. But this instalment has a new cast a better story line and looks a lot better.

The Eye
This movie was good but it did disappoint me a little, I expected to have a lot more out of your seat scares, one of the better oriental remakes.

There are also many more films such as Mamma Mia, Valkyrie and Wall-E but I believe the reason that The Dark Knight was most loved film in 2008 is because of the simple fact that it changed its franchise a bit more; the film is a lot more serious and realistic now. It has branded itself a lot darker and that is definitely how Batman films should be.

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