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41: Should you care for your Windows registry health?
What are Windows registry? Why are they so important for your operating system? What can you do to keep them reliable? According to Microsoft site, registry are "a central hierarchical database

42: So You Want To Be A Coder
What exactly is coding? Coding is basically data entry. You will be looking at documents that someone else has scanned into the computer and taking certain information from each document and enterin

43: xMax - Description
xMax is a recent innovation conceived by Florida-based xG Technology LLC. It piggybacks on radio signals to transmit wireless broadband data over long distances. Although it is not yet widely availa

44: An Introduction to Recruiting Software
There has been a lot of talk in recent years about recruiting software. Recruiting software helps companies find suitable employees, and works in a number of ways. It can manage the employment section

45: Bookmark Managers: Programs vs. Web Services
The rapid development of the World Wide Web in recent years has led to an explosive growth of information on the Internet. Our contemporary lifestyle would be unimaginable without access to such a sup

Not having a Risk Management solution in place for your computer systems is simply playing Russian roulette – without knowing how many bullets are in the chambers. Yet many growing and medium si

47: The Benefits of Personnel Recruiting Software -
Personnel recruiting software makes the process of finding and hiring qualified employees much quicker and easier. Personnel recruiting software is used by both professional staffing firms and by comp

48: This article describes the very basic of TCP/IP & its importance in Internet.
Many people may not know what TCP/IP is nor what its effect is on the Internet. The fact is, without TCP/IP there would be no Internet. And it is because of the American military that the Internet exi

49: Microsoft CRM Data Import FAQ
Microsoft CRM has built-in conversion tool, however you should probably first try third party conversion tool, such as Scribe. It is relatively expensive and has bunch of importing capabilities, that

50: The Need for Executive Recruiting Software -
It is vital that companies have efficient management. While it is common for companies to hire from within, meaning that they promote current employees to executive positions, it is not always possibl

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