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1: A Beginner Buyers Guide to Videoconferencing Equipment
The technology that makes up a videoconference (also called a videoteleconference or simply VTC) is known as digital compression of audio and video stream in real time. The videoconferencing software

2: Implementing Conference Calls in Daily Business
If your business is struggling with the demands of today's ever-changing work force, perhaps it is time to start using technology to your advantage for your everyday activities. You may want to consid

3: Determining Your PC Needs For Videoconferencing
Video conferencing is no longer a figment of someones imagination or a plan for a distant future. Instead, more and more individuals have found video conferencing as a useful tool. Some of them own

4: Conferencing in the Global Marketplace
Today we live in a world where the term global marketplace is a household term. What this means is that business is expanding at the global level. This term was initially reserved for big business in

5: Video Conferencing Is an Asset That Many Companies Are Utilizing
Video conferencing is an asset that many companies are utilizing. In fact, the popularity of this form of communication has grown immensely in recent years and more than likely will continue to do so.

6: International Conference Call Helps People Feel More Unified
In a number of ways, it seems that these days the world is a much smaller place than it used to be, even though the literal distances around the globe have not changed. But, what has undergone change

7: Video Teleconferencing Technology - An Effective And Affordable Way Of Communicating
As various types of video cameras have gotten to be more popular, from web cams, to cell phone video cams, to high end digital video cameras, the use of video teleconferencing has spread considerably

8: Things to know before going for Video conferencing
The video conferencing advantage: Most businesses require both employers and employees to do frequent corporate traveling to attend meeting and seminars. Imagine the difficulty in traveling to attend

9: Video Conferencing - The Pros And Cons Of Video Conferencing
Many businesses conduct video conferencing during meetings. Video conferencing allows you to call anyone in the world and not only speak to them, but also see them on the projector or computer screen.

10: Video Conferencing - How To Find The Right Video Conferencing Camera For Your Business?
Video conferencing is fast becoming an essential activity for businesses because it makes communication easy for people in different offices and countries. Before you can start video conferencing in a

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