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Will I Be Contacted If There Is a Delay in My Shipment?

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If you have, for one reason or another, needed time-sensitive delivery to take place, you are bound to worry about what will happen if the courier is going to be late in making your delivery. Luckily, up to the minute tracking information that is being implemented by more and more couriers every day is making this an easier thing to guarantee. By having a courier that is always tracking their delivery times and correlating them to the real time status of their couriers using the latest software, you can rest assured that your delivery will arrive at its destination on time. However, if for some reason it does not, the courier, the office and dispatch will all be notified and be able to contact you and let you know if your delivery is going to be delayed.

The good thing about having a delivery made by a courier now, is that everything is interconnected though technology. The courier will be able to very quickly access your phone number or notify the office if there is a need to call you and let you know if there has been a delay in your shipment for some reason. Unfortunately, not even the best delivery company can account for every eventuality. Sometimes even the very best courier in the city will be perfectly on track to have your package delivered on time, but a vehicle may get a flat tire, or they could get stuck in traffic due to an accident. These are unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, but they do happen.

If you are having a courier make a delivery for you, they will almost always be made on time, generally speaking. However, most of those companies will have the courtesy to call you if, in fact, something does go wrong and causes a delay to your shipment for whatever reason. You can also request that if your delivery is going to be late, for any reason, that they contact you immediately. In addition, you can find a courier who will be sure to update you regarding the status of your shipment at the time it was expected to be delivered, whether it made it on time or not. Most companies will be very accommodating to credit holding account holders who make special requests; especially if they have a history with the company that has been going on for any appreciable length of time.

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